Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Half-term Break and updates about school year!

Yeah! It's half-term break! We get a whole week off, from school! This is Laura Ann. Our family is going up to Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow for two days and nights. At school, we're working very hard! I have a new teacher called Mrs. Francis, and she's very nice! We had a Cross Country Running Event at the local Middle and High School about a month ago. We ran in age groups also in boys and girls. It was a running event against about 12 other schools. We haven't got the results back yet, but I think I might've came in the top 25! We're going to have another Christmas play this year, but we don't know what it's going to be about yet! So, over all, we're pretty busy. By the way, check out the new question that I came up with. It will be easy for some! I'm excited, because it's my birthday in less than a month! I'm turning 11! Katie and I are going to have a joint party, since her birthday is about 2 weeks after mine. It's going to be a swimming party at our local indoor pool. We're going to have the 'Aqua Run' which is like a huge bouncy castle on water. I can't wait to go to Scotland tomorrow! Well, I have got to go! Bye!
Laura Ann