Friday, March 6, 2009

Curbar Primary School Update by Laura Ann

Hi!! Did you know that we just had a 10 day holiday? We have two weeks off in April, and one week in May as well! Also, did you know that we don't get report cards over here? We don't even get to bring our work home either.
So far, since I started in September, there are 2 new people in my class. Caitiln, and a boy called Noah. Next year, when I'm in Year6, I'll be the oldest in the school!!!!

At school, we have a subject that most schools don't have, called Technology. It's when your teacher tells you what to do, and you do it. Once we made a boat that had to carry a 2 hundred gram weight! Luckly, mine didn't sink! We also made a clock that actully worked! I gave it to Mom and Dad for a Christmas present. Right now, it's here in the living room ticking away! Well, gotta go! Bye!


gaaggies said...

Hi Laura Ann,
Wow, what fun to have 10 days off from school. My girls don't go back to school in Texas until August 24th. They will get out here in Georgia in May. This will be the longest summer break they have or will probably ever have. Hopefully, it will give us time to get settled and make new friends. We are getting ready for spring break here. Hope the weather turns a little nicer as it has been raining for several days.
Enjoy your weekend, Love, Ms. Robyn and family