Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow Details

After a week and a half of lots of snow and freezing temperatures it looks like we are thawing out, for now. England hasn't seen this much snow in over twenty years! They ran out of road salt/grit and have had to import it from Italy.
FOOD: The sheep would dig into the snow trying to reveal the grass below it. People brought hay to their fields and they seemed to appreciate it. Food for people was also on everyone's mind since only the main roads were fit for driving. I ordered our food on-line from a grocery store and had it delivered. I did this a lot when we first moved here and was afraid to drive. Even without snow, the grocery stores always seem chaotic to me, so with people feeling limited access to the stores I didn't want to battle the food aisles.
SCHOOL: Although all the primary schools were closed in our county, the girl's school wasn't. Their headteacher didn't seemed too bothered by the amount of snow and made it a priority to be at school and most of the children walk to school from the village area anyways. They call sledding here 'sledging' and everyone seemed to have a proper run down the many hills!


Andrea said...

The girls will be happy when they don't have to make up the snow days and everyone else does! My kids would kill for some snow for sledging!