Friday, October 3, 2008

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Wayne said...

Those are huge words on Laura Ann's spelling list. Does she have to know the meanings also? I'm not sure they are all in my dictionary, but then Mr Webster was a Yank !

milam said...

Hi whitworths loved the pictures. Hope you are getting settled in by now. love this bog.

Keith said...

Hew guy's, the Cowkids in New River, Arizona miss you very much and pray for you all nightly. This Blog is great. Look forward to seeing more video. Love you guys and tell Laura Ann she'll be ready for collage when she returns to the US.

Annie Williams said...

David wanted to let you guys know that the Fitzgerald Purple Hurricanes are number 2 in their division and are currently undeafted!!
We miss you guys, it's not the same with only 1 Laura Ann in Dacula!
The Williams Family

Mum said...

Such beautiful countryside...the girls look like they are getting bigger and so grown up.
I can see you walking the cobblestone sweet.
Love, Mum

Anonymous said...

The photos settle it!! The Wootens must come visit! Beautiful countryside. We miss you. Laura Ann--school sounds like too much fun! My girls are jealous. Staci

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog postings so much! Daily life seems much different for the four of you, yes? What a gorgeous spot to spend your days!
We miss you,
the Palmers

gaaggies said...

Madison says wow, those are hard spelling words. Our's here are easier: class special, important, hundred etc. I miss you very much. I liked reading about the different activities you do during the week, we have to stay in just one building. Grandma Paulk talked to my mom the other night and told her you were able to talk on the computer and see each other. We have a web cam, I will see if my dad can hook it up so we can see each other and talk. It is not the same here without you in church.
Love, Madison
We are still looking at coming to visit, the pictures are lovely. Madison liked the smallest house adn the fact that Laura Ann was the editor....
Love to you all, we miss you.