Monday, September 22, 2008

Hot air balloons frequently float through the valley in our backyard and sometimes over our property, like this one did! Mum, are you in there?

Look closely, you can see Chatsworth House and fountain. This is where Pride and Prejudice was filmed! Our house was airbrushed out in the movie.

Interesting glass can be found like this on doors and windows

The Royal Mailman delivers the ol' fashion way

8th Century Celtic Cross in Eyam

Monday, September 15, 2008

David herding the "lambs that got away" down our lane. After some effort he got them into their field.

Our newest neighbors!

Katie looking out her bedroom window and counting sheep at bedtime... 33 that night!

They call it "Cliff College" because of the cliffs that are just a mile behind the campus! We've seen people hang glide off this edge!

Tammy and girls at cliff with the southern valley below

David and girls on cliff overlooking valley to the north

The back of our terrace house. We'll be burning coal this winter in our fireplace.

Our really big back yard! Great for sledding when we get snow? We'll just have to bail before the stone fence!

Laura Ann and friend Naomi walking to school

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Girls first day of school- Sept. 8

Curbar Primary School

Rainbows are frequent at about 6pm looking out our backdoor.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rowan Cottage at Eyam; spent our first week here

Charming door at Eyam

Crooked Spire Church, Downtown Chesterfield

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our family with village of Calver behind us

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're here!

We arrived safely August 21st, with just an hour or so sleep on the night flight.
We flew into Manchester and visited our soon-to-be terrace house and our British Friends that we met on the internet. They have two girls Laura Ann and Katie's age.
Following behind their car, we drove around many a round abouts to Sheffield and spent two nights there. We slept 17 hours the first day! There were so many changes for the girls that the first two days we ate at Burger King and Pizza Hut for some signs of "home". Then we came to the countryside of the Peaks District, where rolling hills and valleys are filled with stone fences to keep the sheep and cows enclosed. We spent over a week in the delightful town of Eyam at the Rowan Cottage. It was a narrow five level terrace with BEAUTIFUL flower gardens! We were there for their Well Dressing Ceremony; to bless the water of the village and pay honor to two lovely mosaics made with flower petals, leaves, moss, etc. created by the locals. The following week the parade went by our cottage. It was FUN! It lasted for hours with a carnival that followed. During the past week we bought a vehicle, Suzuki Ignis and set up housekeeping. We've been working hard. We've painted four out of the five rooms in the house and yesterday they recarpeted the living room and dining room. Last night was our first night at our home. Today we received internet service and phone service! With this progress we feel almost human again and can enjoy the spectacular views out our windows. We've watched hot air balloning, sky diving, hang gliding and aerobatical flying this week! David has met with his supervising professor and is very excited about working with him on a big project, mission as well as his studies. The girls meet their teachers this Friday and begin school on Sept. 8th. My endeavor is to gain courage to drive... it is much more intimidating than I thought it would be. I can handle driving on the left, but the stick shift is on the left and the hills are steep and the roads SO narrow! I've put an application in at Lady Manners School as an Art Assistant, which is part time. God has blessed us during the past two weeks. Laura Ann had a sinus infection that just finished up and we are settling in. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes!!!!
They really do say it here,
"Cheers", Tammy